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Latest Update : May ,13,2003

05-13-03: No updates for quite a while...well a big while! LOL..but guess what? we're back. Check out the latest on Red Rabbit. Thanx to John Patrick for the info. Dark Horizons reports that a former Jack Ryan might return on Red Rabbit.

Red Rabbit: In a nice sense of irony, it looks like Alec Baldwin is returning to the Jack Ryan franchise which he helped kick off - though not as you might expect. The Z Review reports that Baldwin is in talks to co-star in this adaptation of Tom Clancy's "Red Rabbit" alongside Ben Affleck - both actors having played Jack Ryan in previous films ("The Hunt for Red October & "The Sum of All Fears" respectively). As Affleck will be playing Ryan again this time around, it means Baldwin's role will likely be that of Chief of Station Ed Foley. This may cause some confusion admittedly amongst filmgoers although the pair have worked together before in 2001's "Pearl Harbor". Thanks to 'Roger'.

03-19-03: First update of this year! I got something on the development of Red Rabbit! finally Paramount has a go with the movie!! Thanx again to John Patrick!

Paramount Pictures has acquired the rights to Tom Clancy's 'Red Rabbit' and have hired writer Robert Rodat (Saving Private Ryan) to pen a screenplay for Ben Affleck. Affleck is not contractually bound but the studio is hoping he will return to the Jack Ryan role, already made famous by Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford. Affleck is finishing up on 'Surviving Christmas' , then he will take a much needed vacation.

09-03-02: Check out the book review of Tom Clancy's new book "Red Rabbit" from Entertainment Weekly it's a very negative one,since they gave it a D.Here's the excerpt from the review.

Such a low-tech, action-starved novel might be more readable if Clancy's flabby prose style packed more muscle. He's much like Jack, a part-time scribe whose ''word mechanics were serviceable -- but not particularly elegant.'' It doesn't help that Rabbit is peppered with anachronisms like ''kinder and gentler'' (which didn't become a catchphrase until the first Bush administration). But Rabbit's biggest problem is that it lacks any semblance of suspense. We know Pope John Paul II won't be assassinated, even as Clancy attempts to stack the odds against Jack preventing it. At one point, protecting the pontiff in mobbed St. Peter's Square seems so impossible that Jack thinks, ''This mission is a real s---burger.'' He took the word right out of my mouth

08-20-02: In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Ben Affleck said Tom Clancy gave him a copy of 'Red Rabbit', which Affleck said he enjoyed and plans to return to the role. A script is in the works now. Thanx to John Patrick on the info!

08-10-02: Cinescape online reports that that Paramount Pictures will be releasing a fully loaded DVD version of 'The Sum Of All Fears' this October 29th. The DVD features the requisite trailers, making-of featurettes, and special effects documentaries. The price is set at $29.95

07-05-02 : The Sum Of All Fears has already opened in several countries across the globe. The movie is now in theaters in The US,Taiwan,Brazil,Argentina and The Phillipines. Here's some international release dates from IMDB

Belgium 24 July 2002
France 24 July 2002
Thailand 24 July 2002
Germany 8 August 2002
Hungary 8 August 2002
Japan 10 August 2002
Netherlands 15 August 2002
Iceland 16 August 2002
Turkey 16 August 2002
UK 16 August 2002
Australia 22 August 2002
Sweden 20 September 2002
Russia 17 October 2002

06-29-02 : The Sum Of All Fears hits 100 millions mark today. The Movie has pulled in over 100 million $ Thursday. According to Yahoo Movies The movie brought in around 700,000 on Wednesday and has surpassed 100 million $ on Thursday.

06-14-02 : Finally more on the next installment of Jack Ryan movies!! As Darkhorizons reports that Phil Alden Robinson will be back next time around . The director has revealed that he will be directing the next Jack Ryan movie which is likely to be "RED RABBIT". The work won't begin on a script till the book's release in August and its unsure if Ben Affleck will reprise the role (but we all know he already said he'd like to continue with the role). So I guess we'll probabaly get to see RED RABBIT the movie in 2004 the soonest.Thanx to everyone who e-mailed me for the info.

06-10-02 : Sum tops box office for second week ! The Sum Of All fears is still on top of the box office for the second week pulled in another 18.7 Million$ past weekend. The movie has brought in over 61 million$ in ten days. Looks like it's gonna past 100 million mark easily. Here's the look at the top ten

1. The Sum of All Fears, $18.7 million
2. Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, $16.3 million
3. Star Wars: Episode II--Attack of the Clones, $13.8 million
4. Bad Company, $10.5 million
5. Spider-Man, $10 million
6. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, $9.4 million
7. Undercover Brother, $7.3 million
8. Insomnia, $5.8 million
9. Enough, $3.6 million
10. About a Boy, $2.7 million

More chart news from Yahoo , eonline ,Ew ,Comingsoon.

06-06-02 : Some gossip news from IMDB . You know about Matt Damon's cameo role in TSOAF,Apparently it's been cut in the final edit. Here's how the story goes.

Damon And Affleck Rift Deepens The feud between former Hollywood best buddies Matt Damon and Ben Affleck deepens--Damon's been cut from Affleck's new film. The stars, who made their breakthrough together by co-writing and co-starring in Good Will Hunting, are currently appearing in rival action movies. Affleck first prompted speculation their friendship has soured when he promoted his flick The Sum Of All Fears by slamming Damon's The Bourne Identity as "fluffy garbage." And now it has emerged that Damon, during happier times, had filmed a cameo appearance in The Sum Of All Fears, only to have his performance as a waiter cut from the final edit of the film.

06-02-02 : The Sum Of All Fears tops weekend Box Office pulling in about 32 million $. It actually beats Star Wars Episide 2 which came in at number 2 grossing 20 million$ on its third week. The movie also beats Clear And Present Danger as the biggest openning for Jack Ryan Movies. Clear brought in around 20 million $. But no words from Paramount whether they're signing Ben Affleck for the next installment or not. More info from Eonline ,Comingsoon and Yahoo. Here's the box office top ten for the past weekend.

1 The Sum of All Fears $31,200,000
2 Star Wars: Episode II $20,680,000
3 Spider-Man $14,500,000
4 Undercover Brother $12,100,000
5 Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron $10,700,000
6 Insomnia $9,760,000
7 Enough $6,800,000
8 About a Boy $4,100,000
9 Unfaithful $2,950,000
10 The New Guy $1,500,000

Yahoo movies has a bunch of pictures from the LA movie premiere. Featuring pictures of Ben Affleck , Morgan freeman and Bridget Moynahan there. has talked with real life CIA,Chase Brandon about the movie The Sum Of All Fears. Here's an exerpt

"for me as a moviegoer, it certainly captures the concern that I feel as a private citizen knowing that we've seen incredibly imaginative diabolical attacks on us in September. You have to assume that virtually anything imaginable now can happen. So, is this a realistic possibility? Yeah. I worry about something like this happening. Is it realistic from a CIA operations and analytical standpoint? I think the answer there is probably realistic enough. Tom Clancy tends to always do his homework on movies about the military and the intelligence community anyway. The screen adaptation, when Paramount sent it into the headquarters and the office of public affairs read it, we were impressed with the amount of homework he had done in typecasting Jack Ryan and the analytical work that Jack Ryan was doing. In fact, the Jack Ryan character embodies the heroism and intelligence and bravery and dedication and patriotism of the actual Jack and Jill Ryans who work in the agency as analysts."

Eonline's Anderson Jones has a scoop on The Sum Of All Fears on the website. Also check out the review of the movie there. They give it a B,which is not bad.

You think the nuke attack is possible? Is it really possible? Check out Entertainment Weekly's article which explore the possibility of the subject here.

Filmforce has talked with TSOAF director ,Phil Alden Robinson. Read the full interview here.It also features some on-the-set pictures there.

By the way do not hesitate to let me know what do you think of the new layout. Like it or hate it just email me at I'd like to hear from Jack Ryan fans out there so drop me a mail alright.

06-02-02 : Today I'm all about reviews , reviews and even more reviews. Here's what the so-called critics say about the movie.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution B
Eleanor Ringel Gillespie "...may not be super smart, but it's rock solid."
Chicago Sun-Times A-
Roger Ebert "Director Phil Alden Robinson and his writers, Paul Attanasio and Daniel Pyne, do a spellbinding job of cranking up the tension..."
Chicago Tribune C-
Michael Wilmington "...even the possible end of the world can't save The Sum of All Fears from its own cinematic meltdown."
Cincinnati Enquirer B-
Margaret A. McGurk "There is something wrong with The Sum of All Fears..."
E! Online "...B

a taut script, good doses of twisting suspense, plenty of first-rate supporting players and one nuclear explosion that strikes eerily close to home..." C
Christopher Null "...rarely makes any sense."
Hollywood Reporter C+
David Hunter "...may strike some as a disturbingly unhelpful experience."
Los Angeles Times B
Kevin Thomas "...absorbing and disturbing..." more... B
New York Post D
Lou Lumenick "...truly the 20-megaton bomb among this summer's blockbusters."
New York Times B-
Stephen Holden "It's a striking measure of the nervousness of the country right now that a movie so full of holes should be as gripping as it is..."
ReelViews B
James Berardinelli "...more demanding than the usual escapist summer fare."
Seattle Post-Intelligencer B
William Arnold "All told, it's a reasonably effective movie..."
Slant Magazine C-
Ed Gonzalez "...the filmmakers hope to scare an already paranoid America into seeing past the narrative dung heap..."
USA Today C
Mike Clark "...a mediocre terrorist melodrama turned even punier by real-life events..."